About RAF®

RAF® is your new personal care and self-care brand. Created by our Founder and President Raf Ramos, the brand was launched in May 2019 with its first three Premium Perfumes made in Italy - the Ambitious, Savvy and Dazzling parfums.

Our brand is a personality- fun, generous and sociable. RAF is clever, witty, enthusiastic and is very good in expressing itself. RAF is well known for being spontaneous, active, driven and innovative.

RAF has started with a variety of products and is continuously expanding its categories. Our brand has two major collections, namely the SKIN EPISODES and SKIN EPISODES+.

We believe that each skin type has an episode. One could be dry, the other maybe oily, some are sensitive, while others normal. Skin episodes were created to address all these realities with natural sprays and creams carefully formulated by chemists.

SKIN EPISODES generally provides cleansers, toners, moisturizers, lotions, hand lotions, body oils and other cosmetic creams. Most of our ingredients are natural, FDA registered, have no animal testing, consists of Kosher certified materials and created with vegan formulas.

SKIN EPISODES+ on the other hand, caters more on hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer sprays, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial products and related merchandise. These have become so important in the light of recent developments, and will protect you and your family from disease and infection by providing you with products that will clean, sanitize, and disinfect.

RAF should be your go-to brand! Whatever your skin type is, whatever your episode is, we can relate and understand. So, let your body talk because we have a quality skin care product made especially for you!